Saturday, May 29, 2010

Potato Salad - without the mayo

Last summer I was missing my Mom's potato salad big time, and after I'd cooked everything I realized I didn't have mayonnaise.  And you know what?  I really didn't want to BUY any either.  I'm not a fan of soybean oil and my friend Jackie and I had a conversation a few weeks prior about how simple it is to make things when you run out.

So I made olive oil mayo (olive oil 1 or 2 raw eggs, a tbsp. lemon juice, pinch sea salt - blend) and used that in my potato salad instead of store bought mayo.  My Mom's potato salad tasted the same!  Mmmmm!  When I told my one sister about it, she said her husband still wouldn't eat it since he doesn't like mayo.  She wondered if it could be made without it.

My verdict... YES!

Potatoes, boiled and strained
(optional: eggs, boiled and chopped)
fresh onion (chopped)
Bacon (optional - last year I didn't use bacon.  This year, I burnt it)
olive oil
Spicy mustard
Sea salt

I would tell you how much of everything I used, but it was all to taste.  Cook the potatoes (and eggs/bacon if you are using them).  Add some mustard and mix it around in the bowl.  You don't need much olive oil at all.  Maybe a table spoon or two.  If you like it creamier, add more - but I'd add it after you add the paprika, sea salt, parsley, and pepper.  All to taste.

What I've found - you don't need as much spicy mustard to make it taste the same, as the mayo would counter it a bit.  Keep in mind the only real difference between mayo and what I use in this recipe is an egg or two and some lemon juice (which you can add if you want, I just don't have any on hand).

It was good!  Next batch I'd use less spicy mustard than I did this time - hence the note about using less.  It was still creamy and tasty like Mom's potato salad.  It was more colorful (I think the mayo dulled the color a tad), and I think it's worth making again.

If you leave the eggs and bacon out of it, it's vegan potato salad, and cholesterol free.  Remember cholesterol is something only found in animals... plant based oils have ZERO cholesterol in them.  :)  Mix it up a little.  Try converting your favorite recipe using olive oil instead of mayo and let me know how it goes!

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