Friday, July 23, 2010

Social Devolution Part 1: Turn the Power on, Turn it up, and Recycle

My plan for the community is a whopper!  Here is what the first part looks like and why I'm doing it:

All types of stress (chemical, emotional, physical) can manifest in the body the same way.  Your nervous system controls everything in your body, and all the systems of the body are closely intertwined, so it is important they are all functioning optimally for greater health.

If there is a miscommunication or lack of messages from the brain to the body, and the life energy that runs our bodies cannot flow from above down, inside out - you would expect the body to not function the way it should.  Our nervous system sends messages to every part of our body!  Skin, muscles, organs (your heart, digestive tract, eyes, ears, etc.)

I will be opening a chiropractic office in my community where we help people's life energy, and all the messages that flow from the brain to the rest of the body remain free and uninterrupted.  We will teach people how to take responsibility for their own health, and move them step by step to a higher level of health.  Each patient will go as high as they want to, and have the tools and support they need along the way!

Why would we want a body free from interference?  Well, why wouldn't you?  Think about it.  When the body has blockages or misinterpreted signals in it, the ability to handle stresses decreases.  That means less ability to handle emotional issues, deal with loved ones and others who might be more difficult to handle, less ability to handle the nutrients we put in our bodies, and less ability to handle the physical demands we put on ourselves every day.  Bodies with free flowing energy have a higher threshold for dealing with stress than bodies without it.  It's science, it's simple, and it's awesome!

This office will be adjusting patients and be a place people want to come... not only for the great adjustments, but also for the positive, loving energy.  We will be turning the power ON... well, more like UP!  And we'll be recycling it by giving back to the community with a portion of the profits (and service).

I'd like to setup an account where a portion of the profits is invested in the rest of my huge project.  What exactly IS the rest of my huge project? 

Stay tuned!  

I'll be writing soon to talk about Social Devolution Part 2: The Community Garden

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